How it works in Milan

Getting involved is free and simple. When your organisation signs up to the platform, you gain access to a community of people doing amazing things to help make Milan better. An app helps residents earn points that they can redeem at shops and other outlets across Milan.

Organisations can use the platform to help connect with wider audiences about the good work they are doing, say in reducing their environmental impact.

Organisations can also use the platform to bring on board the people that work for them, by engaging employees in reaching goals for corporate social responsibility. Sharing.mi has tools that will help the people that work for you get involved in meeting targets like recycling, walking to work or holding a volunteer challenge day.

Have a look at our free trials and short campaigns[link to greenApes trial page]. If you like the trial, your organisation can sign up for a full engagement campaign.

The city gains from business involvement too, by learning about the impact of changes in ways that citizens behave and making more-informed decisions about things like public services.

Doing good is good for business

Your business stands to benefit by getting involved. Market research shows more consumers than ever are buying from companies with a social purpose. Doing good is good for business.

Why better cities matter

Cities across the world are responding to the climate challenge. People and organisations everywhere are making changes to the ways they live, eat, get around and use energy.

The City of Milan has created Sharing.mi, a new community promoting solutions for greener living. It is powered by sustainability specialist greenApes. It will reward you for doing your bit to make Milan better.

Sharing.mi is a partnership of citizens and local organisations, led by Milan as part of the European Union’s Sharing Cities project. The partnership backs community efforts to improve air quality, cut congestion – and at the same time support local businesses. 

Milan, earn rewards for your sustainable actions

Example challenges

Free takeaway hot drink when you bring your own cup

Free ticket for An Inconvenient Truth (Eco Film)

Book 5 yoga lessons and get an extra 2 for free

30% off in store

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